Saturday, 15 February 2014

Vulnerability: The Key to Innovative Leadership

The challenge of a business leader starts with a determination to provide solutions to their vulnerabilities thereby giving rise to new innovations that must be multiplied and channeled effectively. These innovations are answers to both the questions that have been asked and questions yet to be asked. It has to do with a preempting of future needs based on observation of current trends. Therefore a meaningful distribution of these innovations have to be organized efficiently by delegating responsibilities through officers or retailers, branches or networks.
Vulnerability in leadership is the ability to find creative solutions to very complicated problems. Sometimes these people are seen as trouble makers as a result of their vulnerability to criticism. The route to becoming an innovative leader is through giving ones vulnerability direction.

The effectiveness of these leaders is about building an environment which enables continuous innovation and that fosters talents to grow.
  • Share power appropriately;
  • Openly share information;
  • Highly adaptable approach and style;
  • Deal well with productive conflict;
  • Deep connectivity is achieved through vulnerability. 
The Productive Leader fosters people while the Vulnerable Leader fosters innovation and creativity. 


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