Thursday, 15 September 2011

How You Can Increase Your Value

Once you have gotten an idea about the experience, skills, resources, tools and contacts that make up your personal list of assets, start thinking about how to increase the value of what you have. When you understand how truly amazing you are, you would more easily be interested in putting the time, effort and resources into that investment.
When you are willing to invest in yourself and your ideas, you have put your money, time and energy into where your mouth is. Your personal investment is one thing that lasts a lifetime and can never be taken away from you. Any investment you make in your growth and self-investment which may include books, courses, seminars, conventions, would yield incredible returns eventually. The greatest financial and emotional rewards are in your own self-development.
Sometimes the hardest investment to make is one of time. Investing in yourself requires a reordering of your priorities so that your time is being spent in ways that truly support your goals. The way you schedule your time can be a telling indication of how much you believe in yourself and your dreams.
If you don’t invest in yourself and what you truly want, be prepared to get less than you deserve. That is why it is not a coincidence that most successful self-entrepreneurs are also passionate lifelong learners. They know that learning is an investment, not an expense.
You make the most of life by investing time, energy and resources in personal training and development. Training is a proof of your personal commitment to your task. Qualification is not a substitute for personal development.
Anthony Robbins has no college degree, but he now teaches even professors. The foreword to one of his books was written by a professor, who said that nobody in the school of psychology has the kind of insight that Anthony Robbins has.
Richard Branson, the emperor of the Virgin Empire conglomerate developed the art of reading whilst working as a newspaper vendor to become a resounding success now listed as the 11th wealthiest Briton.
Personal development can create a new world for you. You in turn become a value creator. Remember, when you have become valuable, you have a business preposition.

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