Saturday, 7 February 2015

Business Mart: Nigeria Decides For Transformation

Business Mart: Nigeria Decides For Transformation: The Cap Fits President Goodluck Jonathan Consistency Courage Continuity of the Transformation Agenda. Ready to serve, lets go fo...

Nigeria Decides For Transformation

The Cap Fits

President Goodluck Jonathan

Consistency Courage Continuity of the Transformation Agenda. Ready to serve, lets go forward.  

Here are highlights of his accomplishments:

  •  Nigeria became the fourth fastest growing economy in the world under the watch of President Goodluck Jonathan.
  • Rehabilitation of the Western Railway Corridor.
  • The Federal Government under the umbrella of President Goodluck secured investment commitments worth 4.89 Trillion Naira.
  • Power to the people. Under no previous government has Nigerians enjoyed freedom of speech like it is enjoying under GEJ’s administration. 
  • Amid controversial circumstances, he has kept the unity of the country intact. He has not sold out the country to invading forces.
  • PDP, the party GEJ bears its flag, favors free-market policies which support economic liberalism and limited government regulation. This means that there is room for you and me to thrive and accomplish our lofty dreams.
  • Improvement in economic indices according to Fitch ratings, the country’s outlook updates moved from negative to stable. This is a favorable economic atmosphere which is also attractive to multinationals.  
  • According to internationally respected independent ratings agencies, Nigerias’ ratings were revised from stable to positive.
  • The Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Bill signed into law have increased Local Content in the Oil and Gas sector. For instance the awarding of contracts to reputable Nigerian firms such as NigerDockNig. PLC, S.C.C Limited etc instead of a foreign firm for the manufacture of high pressure line pipes.
  • Initiating the Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF) for the establishment of sub-funds for Nigeria Infrastructure Fund, Stabilization Fund and Future Generations Fund. This is a government with plans for the present and visions for the upcoming generations.
  • YOUWIN is a platform for the Nigerian youths who are enterprising to come up with job creation initiatives. This is a government that gives youths the platform to shine. Competitions were set up for the brightest of the youths in a transparent process and the winners received business-start up grants between one to ten million naira.
  • Foreign exchange reserves rose to the high level of $37.02bn in 21 months during GEJ’s administration.
  • Women, youths and feminist advocates support Goodluck Ebele Jonathan GEJ for massively empowering women and youths by launching the Public Works Women and Youth Empowerment Program, an intervention designed to employ 370,000 youths with 30% of those jobs being reserved for women.
  • Finance minister embarked on a radical economic reform program which reduced government spending, ensured the deregulation and privatization of numerous industries in Nigerian services sector notably NITEL in Nigerian telecommunications  through conservative fiscal policies.
  • Nigeria’s first National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) which was established to ensure that every Nigerian has access to basic health care services was initiated under the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party. The people have a right to proper health care facilities.
  • Nigeria’s banking industry rescued and stabilized by the establishment of the Asset Management Company of Nigeria AMCON.
  • MasterCard made Nigeria its regional headquarters for its West/East and Indian Ocean islands zone raising the profile of Nigeria’s e-commerce industry.
  • Nigeria’s GDP has grown by over 7% with attestation of being the fourth fastest growing economy in the world by several multilateral bodies and trading partners.
  • The revival of the Textile industry via the 150 billion Naira Textile Industry Bailout resulting in the reactivation of United Nigerian Textile Limited and the re-engagement of 2000 employees which is a massive improvement on precedence.
  • As a result of this intervention in the Textile Industry and real sector, non-oil exports have increased from $200 Million to be standing at $2.3 Billion. 
  • He is an advocate of Religious freedom and tolerance. 
PDP, power to the people

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Unlock The Potential Of Technology

From the onset, have a plan for what you want technology to do for you in terms of derivatives.
Technology was made for man and not man for technology so you have to be intelligent about the choices you make on social media.
Design your own way for controlling the media inputs in your life so that you can have space to use your own instincts.

Recently HP launched a fleet of tablets and 2-in-1 devices that get down to business. They are tailor-made with business needs in mind with priority first on productivity and secondly on entertainment. I recommend these for business oriented purposes. 

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Vulnerability: The Key to Innovative Leadership

The challenge of a business leader starts with a determination to provide solutions to their vulnerabilities thereby giving rise to new innovations that must be multiplied and channeled effectively. These innovations are answers to both the questions that have been asked and questions yet to be asked. It has to do with a preempting of future needs based on observation of current trends. Therefore a meaningful distribution of these innovations have to be organized efficiently by delegating responsibilities through officers or retailers, branches or networks.
Vulnerability in leadership is the ability to find creative solutions to very complicated problems. Sometimes these people are seen as trouble makers as a result of their vulnerability to criticism. The route to becoming an innovative leader is through giving ones vulnerability direction.

The effectiveness of these leaders is about building an environment which enables continuous innovation and that fosters talents to grow.
  • Share power appropriately;
  • Openly share information;
  • Highly adaptable approach and style;
  • Deal well with productive conflict;
  • Deep connectivity is achieved through vulnerability. 
The Productive Leader fosters people while the Vulnerable Leader fosters innovation and creativity. 


Saturday, 13 July 2013

Environment Friendly Innovations

The negative effects that increased temperature has on weather affects immune systems thus necessitating the need to reduce excess carbon dioxide content in the environment -
Innovating to Zero according to scientists by 2050.
With 26 billion tons of carbon dioxide yearly which is an average of about 5 tons for everyone on the planet, we have to make changes that would bring the global carbon emissions from energy production down to zero.
The factors lending to its rise have been population, services per person, energy per service and carbon dioxide per unit energy.
The report card for innovating to zero CO2 requires:
  • Basic research funding: Carbon capture and storage research and installments; Nuclear proliferation; renewable resources etc. 
  • Market incentives to reduce carbon dioxide
  • Entrepreneurial opportunity
  • Rational regulatory framework

Thursday, 15 September 2011

How You Can Increase Your Value

Once you have gotten an idea about the experience, skills, resources, tools and contacts that make up your personal list of assets, start thinking about how to increase the value of what you have. When you understand how truly amazing you are, you would more easily be interested in putting the time, effort and resources into that investment.
When you are willing to invest in yourself and your ideas, you have put your money, time and energy into where your mouth is. Your personal investment is one thing that lasts a lifetime and can never be taken away from you. Any investment you make in your growth and self-investment which may include books, courses, seminars, conventions, would yield incredible returns eventually. The greatest financial and emotional rewards are in your own self-development.
Sometimes the hardest investment to make is one of time. Investing in yourself requires a reordering of your priorities so that your time is being spent in ways that truly support your goals. The way you schedule your time can be a telling indication of how much you believe in yourself and your dreams.
If you don’t invest in yourself and what you truly want, be prepared to get less than you deserve. That is why it is not a coincidence that most successful self-entrepreneurs are also passionate lifelong learners. They know that learning is an investment, not an expense.
You make the most of life by investing time, energy and resources in personal training and development. Training is a proof of your personal commitment to your task. Qualification is not a substitute for personal development.
Anthony Robbins has no college degree, but he now teaches even professors. The foreword to one of his books was written by a professor, who said that nobody in the school of psychology has the kind of insight that Anthony Robbins has.
Richard Branson, the emperor of the Virgin Empire conglomerate developed the art of reading whilst working as a newspaper vendor to become a resounding success now listed as the 11th wealthiest Briton.
Personal development can create a new world for you. You in turn become a value creator. Remember, when you have become valuable, you have a business preposition.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Yahoo has fired CEO Carol Bartz

Yahoo has fired CEO Carol Bartz We know that Yahoo Chairman Roy Bostock informed her of the news today because of the epic email she sent via iPad to all employees announcing that she had been fired.
The move ends a rocky nearly three-year tenure of failed initiatives and unmet expectations. Bartz, the strong-willed former CEO of Autodesk, was brought in to clean house and streamline operations at the company after it rejected Microsoft’s generous acquisition offer and decided to go it alone

Why Was Bartz Fired?
When Bartz first took the job back in January 2009, we were skeptical of the move. Here’s what our Editor-in-Chief Adam Ostrow said at the time:
“First reaction: what exactly does Autodesk have to do with a consumer-focused Internet company like Yahoo? Bartz certainly sounds like she has a long history of running a big company – Autodesk has more than 7,000 employees and $2 billion in annual revenue – but what expertise and vision does she have that’s relevant to one of the world’s biggest Web companies, in desperate need of re-inventing itself?”
His words have turned out to be prophetic. Bartz had no clue how to reinvent a stagnant web company into a digital media powerhouse. Despite all of the tools at her disposal, her legacy will probably be defined by Yahoo’s ridiculous squabble with Alibaba.
Bartz may have been an effective manager, but didn’t have the vision needed to lead Yahoo. What Yahoo needed was a Steve Jobs. Unfortunately co-founder Jerry Yang failed at that task, which led to the hiring of Carol Bartz.
The Alibaba controversey isn’t what did Bartz in, though. It wasn’t her inability to provide direction for the company, either. Ultimately, the reason she is no longer CEO is simple: she failed to create shareholder value.
Yahoo’s share price was $11.59 the day before her appointment. When the markets closed on September 6, the stock was worth $12.74. That is an increase of less than 10%, with most of that value being derived from the skyrocketing value of its China assets. The entity known as Yahoo is worth less today than it was when Bartz took over as CEO.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re the founder or most-seasoned CEO on the planet. If you can’t increase shareholder value, you will not last long as CEO at a publicly traded company. Jerry Yang and Carol Bartz both learned this the hard way.
Bartz’s inability to move Yahoo’s stock price is why she is no longer at the helm of one the Internet’s most important and storied companies. Now it’s up to Jerry Yang and Roy Bostock to find a new CEO who can provide the vision and leadership the struggling company so desperately needs.

She was let go for failing to realize that Yahoo is an entertainment news source and media company as well as a very large portal of services for many people. One that needs focus, vision and a way to bring people together socially which would then allow it to rival facebook in the area of connections. Yahoo has a number of services and features which when properly bundled make a very strong case for success.
If the board wants to talk seriously, I’d be happy to chat with them.